Altobrembo: what is it?

What is Altobrembo?

Altobrembo is a tourism promotional association of the municipalities of Averara, Cassiglio, Cusio, Mezzoldo, Olmo al Brembo, Ornica, Piazza Brembana, Piazzatorre, Piazzolo, Santa Brigida and Valtorta, in the upper Brembana Valley.

In addition to the 11 municipalities listed above, Altobrembo collects other members like tour operators, traders, artisans, farms and associations involved in tourism at local level.


What is Altobrembo doing?

Altobrembo main task is to coordinate all players of tourism promoters of the specific area. In particular, the following projects were developed in the first 3 years of the Association’s activity:

  • Altobrembo Rurale –
  • MTB in Altobrembo –
  • Tourist Rentals in Altobrembo –

Altobrembo is organizing some special events involving all municipalities:

  • Erbe del Casaro, the exhibition dedicated to Spontaneous Herbs and Typical Cheeses of Val Brembana
  • Fungolandia, the Mushroom Festival in Val Brembana
  • Orobie Bike Fest (end of July) and Val Brembana Apple Festival (third weekend of October)


The Altobrembo territory

Altobrembo, with its north borders given by the Orobic Alps, offers special gifts to visitors that can explore and discover the unspoiled nature together with culture and arts. Nature, culture and tradition are the soul of this land in Alta Val Brembana, a wonderful area where time and places allow visitors to enjoy a halt, to contemplate enchanting landscapes where nature still reigns supreme, to discover unforgettable historical realities that from the past relive in the present through indelible and fascinating routes. The historical streets, the ancient villages, the rural realities, the places of worship, the peaks of the Orobie, the woods, the pastures and the nature of the Parco delle Orobie are the settings to appreciate an authentic and genuine mountain territory, its people and its traditions.