Altobrembo’s villages

The 11 villages of Altobrembo: nature, culture, sport, flavors and traditions of the territory, emotions to be experienced and discovered!

Altobrembo is made up of the municipalities of Piazzolo, Mezzoldo and Piazzatorre in the Mezzoldo Valley; Averara, Santa Brigida and Cusio in Averara Valley; Cassiglio, Ornica e Valtorta in Stabina Valley; at the crossing point of these valleys, in the bottom valley point of Altobrembo, there are Olmo al Brembo and Piazza Brembana. Eleven villages, one unique territory.

In Altobrembo area you can discover the landscapes, the mountains, the woods  and the pastures of Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche… All the authenticity of the real mountain, an oasis of peace and quiet in the green of Alpi Orobie.