Mountain and Nature

A mountain of naturalness

Altobrembo is a territory holding a precious naturalistic and cultural value to be discovered and explored.

Nature, culture and tradition are the soul of this land, a geographical space in which times and places seem to stop, contemplating the enchanting landscapes where nature still reigns supreme, discovering the unique and unforgettable historical realities that relive from the past in the present through indelible and fascinating traces.

The peaks of the Orobie, the woods, the pastures, the nature of the Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche, the historic paths, the ancient villages, the rural realities and the places of worship are the settings for an authentic and genuine mountain territory.

The great geological variability of the Brember mountains allows the presence of various plants, conditioned by the climate and the morphology of the territories. At high altitudes you can find the Edelweiss, in the warmer and sunny areas there are the oak woods, while at middle altitudes with fresh temperatures it is possible to admire the beech woods world. In the wild areas, where humans are just spectators, many valuable species of wildlife live: Ibex, white partridge, ermine, marmot and golden eagle are just a few of them. Here you can find many rarities of the flora, some of them endemic of the Orobie Alps.