Park your car close to the church in Averara and climb to Piani dell’Avaro. From the mountain lodge Monte Avaro take a dirt path which leads first to a drinking trough, then to two huts and at last to two other huts. Here take the path on the right which leads the intersection with the path CAI N° 101. Turn right direction Mincucco. Go along the ridge until you can see the dam of Valmora. Climb down along the path which leads to a “barèk” (fence of stones) and then a hut.

Go ahead up to the dirt road leading to nthe dam of Valmora Lake. Below the dam wall take the tunnel leading to a house. Follow the descent along the Mora Valley. First you have to walk, then cycling will be possible. Reach the iron bridge and then go into the pine forest.

Follow the rural road, go straight on at the intersection and cross the bridge to the huts of Losc. Follow the paved way, turn right at the intersection and reach Averara.