Past Mezzoldo, park your can in Ponte dell’Acqua close to the dam. On the right you will find a dirt path, easy at first and then quite challenging.

Go ahead up to a grassy area, climb over a small valley and proceed along a road to the mountain hut Terzera. Proceed on the left following the path CAI n° 115 to the mountain hut Dossello (walking for 15 minutes). Leave the path 115 and past the hut climb down to the pasture towards the fence of stones. Past a hunting hide, go ahead to the hut Costa Piana Terzera; turn behind it and follow the hidden path in the posture among the stones. Go ahead diagonally up to the pine forest where yiu will find the path, then follow the path CAI n° 111 on the left.

The downhill will require technical skills (protruding roots and stones). Past the woods and a small valley, climb down to the pasture. Follow the path along the stream and cross it. When you see the mountain lodge Madonna delle Nevi, take the second bridge on the left which leads to the cross-country ski area. Go ahead up to the starting point.