Park your car in Valtorta next to the clock tower. Take the paved road up to Ceresola. When you are at the ski resort take the left and, behind the mountain lodge Trifoglio reach the cross-country ski area and follow the track “Valanga 1888”.

At the cross roads take the path in the middle and then take the high path at the following intersection. Take the path on the right, first quite difficult. When you find a scree, take the right at the intersection following the way “I Faccioni”.

Go ahead in the woods following a rural road, take the right and proceed along the road (if you turn left, the path will be more difficult) up to Piani di Valtorta. Climb down on the left following the paved road. A few meters before the stop which would lead to the main road, take the left passing close to a house, and follow the path up to the starting point.