Downhill in the bike trails of Love Bike Park in Piazzatorre

LOVE for nature, cycling, the park: these are the three foundations on which the Lovebikepark project is based. The Lovebikepark was born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Piazzatorre, the Ski-Lifts company Monte Torcola and the Team 4T-Project.


Our trails: 

– the DH “Back to the roots”, a real downhill track representing the technical track of the park, for expert riders;

– the flow line “Gullòn“, a track suitable for beginners but also for the more experienced with practically two tracks in one view with the possibility of following different lines according to the riding skills of each biker.

– the new trail “Hormiga”manca la descrizione in italiano


Download the map of the bikepark: HERE


To be always updated:

Instagram: @lovebikepark


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