In the stable with the calves

The farm Azienda Agricola Juri Salvini is located in the municipality of Mezzoldo at 835 m a.s.l. on the transorobic road of the Passo San Marco. Founded in 1998, it represents a small family-run mountain reality that has expanded over the years thanks to the passion handed down by the family. To date, about sixty Alpine brown and red spotted cows are bred. During the winter the herd rests on the farm, while during the summer the transhumance takes place in the mountain pastures at an altitude that varies between 1600 and 2000 meters above sea level on Alpe Terzera, where the precious Formai de Mut of the Alta Valle is produced. Brembana DOP with blue mark, which indicates the production of the mountain pastures.

The young and creative spirit of the farmers is mirrored by the wide range of  their products arising from the encounter of cheeses with other flavours of the territory.



The Salvini family welcomes you to the Mezzoldo sheds, where you can meet their cows. After a visit to the stable, we will take you to the cheese-making rooms, where you will produce the delicious cheeses of  Alta Valle Brembana directly from the milk drawn. And what better way to evaluate their goodness than to eat them? At the end of the visit we will taste the range of the company’s products.


Duration: half day

Nr. participants min.: 7 pax

Nr. participants max: 20 pax

Period: from October until May – indoor activity

Notes: comfortable shoes. Reservation 1 month in advance.

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