…Averara Valley

In Santa Brigida, the place of origin of the famous Baschenis frescoes, it is worth a visit both to the imposing parish church and the ancient church, known today as the Sanctuary of the Addolorata. At the Sanctuary many artworks witness its value as a historical center point of the valley and from here you can admire the landscape of the Valle Averara.









There are numerous hamlets to discover: Taleggio, Caprile, Cugno, Gerro are just some of the hidden corners of the village, in each of which you can find a fresco that tells stories and legends of the territory.









Driving up towards Cusio, near the sports center, you find the Antico Mulino of the sixteenth century, witness to a tradition rooted in all the Altobrembo villages, still functioning today and open to visitors on request. Continuing towards the inhabited center, it is lovely getting lost in the narrow streets of the historic center, and walking to the churches of Sant’Alberto (for its views) or San Giovanni (a peaceful corner surrounded by woods), which can also be visited on request.









In the afternoon we recommend a walk to the Piani dell’Avaro. Whether it is to relax surrounded by alpine pastures, to have fun in the snow or to enjoy the views over the valley, the place is definitely worth a visit.

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