…Stabina Valley

The day in Valle Stabina starts from Cassiglio; a walk through the village will immediately make you notice the Danza Macabra right above the entrance to the Parish Church. The amazement continues discovering a majestic Macabre Serenade on the facade of Casa Milesi which depicts the fickleness of life.











Here you can cross the iron bridge and in a few minutes you reach the Cassiglio lake area, a small reservoir enclosed in the mountains, which welcomes many tourists looking for coolness and relax.









The journey in Valle Stabina continues towards Ornica. Here you can ‘get lost’ in the narrow streets of the ancient rural village, with its full of charm views. Ornica is home to the Albergo diffuso of the “Donne di Montagna” Cooperative which also manages the information office. In Ornica it is worth visiting the parish church where, upon request, you can admire the vault of the sacristy frescoed by Angelo Baschenis, and a walk to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino, at the bottom part of the Val d’Inferno, to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.









Valtorta is the last village in Valle Stabina. At the entrance to the village, you’re welcomed by the Clock Tower, behind it stands the Pizzo dei Tre Signori, the highest mountain in the area. In the center of Valtorta, do not miss the Ethnographic Museum located in the palace of the former Venetian court, then discovery the ancient mills and hammers, recovered for educational purposes, that surround the town and enrich the Ecomuseum of Alta Val Brembana.











Before returning home, a stop at the social dairy allows you to discover and taste the Formai de Mut of Alta Valle Brembana DOP, the Agrì di Valtorta and the old-fashioned Stracchino from the Valli Orobie (two Slow Food Presidia) and tasty cheeses made with local milk.

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