The ancient villages

The history of human settlements in the Altobrembo area is very complex, and many aspects of it are still unknown.

The presence of toponyms dating back to XI and XII centuries is an indication of very ancient anthropic roots, which is reflected in archaeological studies.


The origin of many Altobrembo’s villages can probably be placed between the late Ancient and the early Middle Ages, when the primitive route connections to pastures, woods and mines were created. The choice of the most suitable places for housing on the basis of altitude, exposure, location and absence of dangers such as avalanches and landslides, the availability of water and other natural resources dates back to those distant times. Overtime, other inhabited parts took shape through the construction of more solid, larger and complex buildings. This gradual settlement process was influenced by defensive, commercial and productive needs that determined the constructioin of forts, arcades, open spaces, stables, ovens, workshops and multifunctional locations. At the same time,  the first primitive places of worship appeared, located in isolated sites.

Numerous ancient villages spread throughout the territory of Altobrembo, crucial points of the farmer’s culture.