The historical paths

Walk through history along the historic paths of the Altobrembo area

In past times much more than today, villages were access routes and connections with peopel living on the other side of the valley, beyond political, social or religious appearances. Working and commercial needs made people move frequently from one valley to another, encouraging mutual exchange of goods, knowledge and cultures. The Passo di Bobbio played an extremely important role, being easier and lower in altitude than Passo San Marco. It was the main gateway to Valsassina, the Lecco market and the vast lake basin of the Lario. It is no coincidence that until the construction of the driveway, at the beginning of the twentieth century at the bottom of the valley, Valtorta had one of its busiest roads in the wide mule track for Valsassina. This was happening despite the conflicts generated by the dispute over the precious pasture of the pass, starting from the XVII century, leading to the destruction of the borders.

Three ancient paths cross the villages, the woods and the pastures of the Altobrembo territory: the Via Priula, the Via Mercatorum and the Via del Ferro. Unmissable corners that will make you discover the roots of local communities, and numerous itineraries that will allow you to cross some of the most evocative corners. Have a nice walk!