Park your car in Olmo al Brembo and take the road to Valtorta. Past the tower turn right, cross the bridge and turn left at the first intersection. Climb up to Costa hamlet.

Follow the dirt road up to Colle Dudello and then reach Inferno Valley (leave the road and climb the valley). Go ahead up to an intersection where you will follow the paved stretch.

Keep left and past the chapel reach “I Cesur” where you will cross a bridge. Follow the dirt path and then take the main paved road which leads to Piani dell’Avaro.

Climb down keeping right up to Santa Maria Maddalena, and take the mule track passing from Cusio. In Cusio Basso cross the small bridge (mill) and go towards the soccer field. Take the paved road, turn left and take the path on the left at the first bend. When you reach a stable, turn right and climb up to the main road.

Keep left for 200 metres and then take the mule track on the left up to Santa Brigida. Turn right at the intersection and pass through the village.

Past the municipal building, take the left at the first bend and go towards Cugno.

At the end of the descent turn left and then follow the path CAI n° 105 up to Olmo al Brembo (you will find overhangign rocks) When you reach a small bridge go straight on walking for a few meters. Then ride to Cugno di Sotto and past the bridge turn left and go up to starting point.