Culture & Tradition

Discover the marks left in this humble little valley!

Museo Etnografico ValtortaAltobrembo is a land of  great culture and  its history comes to life everywhere. Old traditions have travelled through generations and bring to light its origins: it was a borderland between  the Republic of Venice, the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Grisons. It was a prolific land both in business as in art and religion.

As you walk throught it, Altobrembo will show its past as a rich land of commercial activities, trade routes, and hometown of many artists.


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The ancient roads

Via Mercatorum: hores-back route which was one of the most important connections between Bergamo and the Brembana Valley until the 16th century.

Via Priula: built in 1592, at Venice’s expense.

The Iron Road: from the work of excavating and forging iron in the Upper Brembana valley.


Artists from Altobrembo

The Bachenis: family of artists from the Averara Valley. Their works adorn the churches of their villages and are even displayed in large art galleries abroad.