Mountain and Nature

Animali fauna parco orobie Valle Brembana

Altobrembo is a beautiful land to discover and explore because of its natural and cultural value. Nature and tradition are the soul of this land, where time seems to be suspended in the contemplation of wonderful landscapes. Nature still reigns supreme and history comes to life through its indelible attractive traces. You will discover  an authentic and genuine mountain area: ancient roads, ancient villages, placet of worship, stelle_alpinepastures and the nature of the Orobic Alps.


Altobrembo has a wide geological variety. In about 13 km, from the ridge of the Orobic Alps to the meeting of the two major branches of the Brembo River, you will find several kinds of rocks (from 450 million years old to 220 million years old). This means a great variety of flora and fauna and a high number of typical alpine species (Edelweiss, oak, beech, rare flowers, ibex, partridge, ermine, groundhog, eagle).