Park your car in Olmo al Brembo close to the school. Take the main road up to Averara and past the church take the first path on the left. Past a paved stretch, the road will be dirt. Take the path on the right up to Santa Brigida – Val di Guei.
Here, take the path CAI n.105 and follow it for the whole itinerary. Climb towards the center of Santa Brigida following the main paved road, take the left and past the church go ahead climbing. Past the graveyard, turn left up to the church Santuario dell’Addolorata, follow the paved road, then dirt up to Sacc and go ahead following the path CAI n.105. Climb up to the church San Giovanni. Take the left and climb down to Ornica following the path CAI n.105.
Cross the bridge and climb the mule track direction Cesur where you will find a paved road on the right to reach Colle Della Maddalena. Take the left for few meters at the intersection for Piani Dell’Avaro and then take a dirt road up to the end. Follow the flat path on the right and past two huts follow the path CAI n.105 up to Sant’Alberto church.
Past the church, at the end of the descent, take the left and climb down up to a flat path leading to Taleggio huts.
Proceed along the path up to Caprile hamlet. Here, passing behind the church, go into the woods and reach Losc hamlet. Climb down up to Caprile Basso, and then cross the bridge. Turn right up to Averara. Past the church, take the left and then follow the path up to Val di Guei. Take the path CAI n.105 up to Olmo al Brembo.